Welcome to HADAF
Aviation Technologies and Services

I am delighted to welcome you to hadaf aviation technology and services.
Our team are determined to build a great business centered around you and developing long-term relationship with civil and military sectors in aviation community.
We know and we realize that we have to work hard to gain our customer’s support and even harder to retain it, but that is exactly what we are doing. We are dedicated to bring you the best quality service.
hadaf has knowledge and domain expertise and resources to deliver best-in-class solutions that drive top-line growth and bottom-line saving for companies across aviation industries.
Going forward, our goal is clear: to become a leader provider of aviation MRO, supply chain, and support services in local and regional markets.
Thank you for your interest in hadaf.

Who we are?

In light of the significant growth in the aviation market in Saudi Arabia, and with the increase of market demand for many of the technical and operational support services to keep pace with the rapid development in this field.
And through encouragement, motivation, and excellent support from Saudi Arabian government for establishing, resettlement, and developing such projects to provide these services locally.
HADAF aviation technologies and services has been established on 2011 to provide aviation maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) and support services to civil and military aviation sectors in local and regional markets.
HADAF aviation has obtained Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) part 145 component repair station license (AMO-021).

Vision & Mission

To be a leader in aviation maintenance industry as one of the technical support tributaries in the region, and to provide world class services to global market
To provide aviation maintenance repair and overhaul and aviation support services for local and regional markets by committing to the highest international quality standards


HADAF has developed its services and raise the level of internal work efficiency to be able to provide the following services to local and regional customers.

Supply of oil

Material management


Aircraft Part Sale